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Match Scorecard

South East Stars vs Central Sparks Monday 17th July 2023 - 10:30am

Central Sparks win by 21 runs

Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy / Monday 17th July 2023 - 10:30am

Central Sparks won the toss and elected to bat.

Central Sparks First Innings
246 for 8 (50.0 Overs)

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E Jonesc Chathli b MacDonald-Gay5121041.67
BL Ellislbw b Smith42774054.55
AJ Freebornc Chathli b MacDonald-Gay7181038.89
EA Burnsc & b Davidson-Richards9211042.86
A Campbellc Chathli b Davidson-Richards10202050.00
KL Georgelbw b Gregory31373083.78
CR PavelyNot Out57*5270109.62
I Wongc Spence b Davidson-Richards504932102.04
GK Davisb Scholfield230066.67
R FackrellNot Out12*131092.31
GEA Potts0000
Extras2nb 17w 0b 2lb21
Innings Total
(50.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
9 - 1E Jones3.4
22 - 2AJ Freeborn7.5
34 - 3EA Burns12.1
61 - 4A Campbell18.3
121 - 5KL George29.5
121 - 6BL Ellis30.5
223 - 7I Wong46.3
226 - 8GK Davis47.1
246 - 950.0
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A Stonehouse6.0 Overs-36 Balls12003.33
RL MacDonald-Gay10.0 Overs-60 Balls14924.90
PJ Scholfield9.0 Overs-54 Balls05416.00
AN Davidson-Richards9.0 Overs-54 Balls14635.11
DL Gregory8.0 Overs-48 Balls04415.50
BJ Miles4.0 Overs-24 Balls01604.00
BF Smith4.0 Overs-24 Balls11513.75

South East Stars First Innings
225 All Out (47.3 Overs)

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KM Chathlib Wong16263061.54
A Stonehousec George b Davis29445065.91
BF Smithc Campbell b Wong06000.00
AN Davidson-Richardsc Potts b George48576084.21
JEM Spencec Jones b Davis6121050.00
PJ Scholfieldb Burns781087.50
M Blinkhorn-Jonesc Ellis b Burns778013096.25
K Moorec Pavely b George6131046.15
RL MacDonald-Gayb Davis16282057.14
BJ Milesb George6130046.15
DL GregoryNot Out0*000
Extras2nb 10w 1b 1lb14
Innings Total
(47.3 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
29 - 1KM Chathli7.3
36 - 2BF Smith9.3
65 - 3A Stonehouse14.5
78 - 4JEM Spence18.5
94 - 5PJ Scholfield21.3
150 - 6AN Davidson-Richards31.4
164 - 7K Moore35.2
215 - 8RL MacDonald-Gay43.5
225 - 9M Blinkhorn-Jones46.6
225 - 10BJ Miles47.3
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GEA Potts10.0 Overs-60 Balls14704.70
I Wong7.0 Overs-42 Balls13725.28
KL George9.3 Overs-57 Balls03033.15
GK Davis10.0 Overs-60 Balls05235.20
EA Burns9.0 Overs-54 Balls04024.44
R Fackrell2.0 Overs-12 Balls01708.50



South East Stars
KM Chathli
A Stonehouse
BF Smith
AN Davidson-Richards
JEM Spence
PJ Scholfield
M Blinkhorn-Jones
K Moore
RL MacDonald-Gay
BJ Miles
DL Gregory
Central Sparks
E Jones
BL Ellis
AJ Freeborn
EA Burns
A Campbell
KL George
CR Pavely
I Wong
GK Davis
R Fackrell
GEA Potts