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Match Scorecard

South East Stars vs Western Storm Monday 1st May 2023 - 10:30am

South East Stars win by 207 runs

Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy / Monday 1st May 2023 - 10:30am

South East Stars won the toss and elected to bat.

South East Stars First Innings
296 for 7 (50.0 Overs)

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KM Chathlic Filer b Gibson06000.00
A Capseyb Filer01000.00
BF Smithc Prendergast b Skelton504480113.64
AN Davidson-Richardsc Wilson b Gibson6191031.58
JEM Spenceb Filer29800036.25
PJ ScholfieldNot Out134*109143122.94
PA Franklinlbw b Gibson9920100.00
NE Farrantc Smale b Filer453250140.63
RL MacDonald-GayNot Out1*100100.00
A Stonehouse0000
DL Gregory0000
Extras1nb 12w 5b 4lb22
Innings Total
(50.0 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
1 - 1KM Chathli0.6
1 - 2A Capsey1.1
17 - 3AN Davidson-Richards6.4
74 - 4BF Smith16.4
140 - 5JEM Spence33.1
160 - 6PA Franklin36.3
288 - 7NE Farrant49.2
296 - 850.0
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DR Gibson8.0 Overs-48 Balls14235.25
L Filer10.0 Overs-60 Balls06036.00
O Prendergast4.0 Overs-24 Balls03609.00
S Smale8.0 Overs-48 Balls03904.87
C Skelton8.0 Overs-48 Balls04215.25
A Griffiths7.0 Overs-42 Balls03304.71
CL Nicholas5.0 Overs-30 Balls03507.00

Western Storm First Innings
89 All Out (30.5 Overs)

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A Griffithsc & b Capsey21621033.87
E Corneyc Franklin b Stonehouse17382044.74
O Prendergastc Smith b Capsey16322050.00
FC Wilsonc Gregory b Smith03000.00
DR Gibsonc & b Smith9501180.00
NAJ Wraithc Chathli b Smith11161068.75
N Hollandlbw b Capsey06000.00
S Smaleb Capsey270028.57
L Filerc Farrant b Capsey380037.50
C SkeltonNot Out0*6000.00
CL Nicholasb Capsey03000.00
Extras1nb 7w 2b 0lb10
Innings Total
(30.5 ovs)
Fall of WicketOver
39 - 1E Corney13.2
59 - 2O Prendergast20.4
60 - 3FC Wilson21.6
62 - 4A Griffiths22.3
81 - 5DR Gibson25.3
82 - 6N Holland26.4
84 - 7NAJ Wraith27.1
88 - 8S Smale28.4
89 - 9L Filer30.2
89 - 10CL Nicholas30.5
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PA Franklin4.0 Overs-24 Balls01704.25
NE Farrant5.0 Overs-30 Balls11302.60
PJ Scholfield4.0 Overs-24 Balls1701.75
A Stonehouse3.0 Overs-18 Balls0913.00
A Capsey7.5 Overs-47 Balls02863.57
BF Smith7.0 Overs-42 Balls01331.85



Western Storm
A Griffiths
E Corney
O Prendergast
FC Wilson
DR Gibson
NAJ Wraith
N Holland
S Smale
L Filer
C Skelton
CL Nicholas
South East Stars
KM Chathli
A Capsey
RL MacDonald-Gay
BF Smith
JEM Spence
AN Davidson-Richards
PJ Scholfield
PA Franklin
NE Farrant
A Stonehouse
DL Gregory